Company Background



What is Cornerstone?

Cornerstone is the first stone set in the construction of a foundation, where all other stones will be set in reference to this stone. Cornerstone will determine position of the entire structure.

Cornerstone Vietnam mission is to be a reliable partner for foreign investors in Vietnam, to become a stable foundation, provide guidance in the country of our expertise and serve as an example of excellent service for other companies in real estate industry.

Message from Partners

Cornerstone is a relatively young real estate consultancy company established in 2018 by 2 of us – partners. To be said so, our story has begun long before the company gained its current name.


How did we come here?

2015, Aug Vietnam has changed foreign ownership law allowing foreigners investing in the country

2017, Oct Shane became oversea partner of Indochina Properties successfully selling over 50 units by himself to Korean clients

2017, Nov Beo Park joined Indochina Properties taking Korean Markets under his leadership and growing the department

2018, Aug Creation of Cornerstone by 2 partners: Shane Lee and Beo Park

2020, Dec Creation of Cornerstone Property by 2 partners: Shane Lee and Beo Park


Our partnership was created from the series of fortuitous events, some may call it a destiny: from the Vietnam law change, bonding period of working for big corporates, related experience in similar (hospitality) industries and even universities, long term experiences of generations investing in real estate– those destined occurrences build up a strong collaboration of the market know-how, knowledge of investment markets, exceptional focus on customer service and passion for real estate. We are not selling real estate, we get fulfillment in sharing our knowledge on the right path of investing in the country we love.


It is not coincidence, that two partners of this company take roots in Hospitality Industry. We have worked in and managed various hotels, including Grand Hyatt New York, Hyatt48Lex, W Times Square, Sheraton Walkerhill Seoul, W hotel & Sheraton Corporate offices. Our goal is to consult and share knowledge, build trust and exceed expectations of customer service. As veterans in Hotel Industry, we can confidently say -  no one can do that better than a hotelier.

Our Team

Shane Lee

Managing Director

Beo Park

General Director/ Real Estate Service

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